Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Photography at it's Best- The Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Sony World Photography Awards
The shortlist was announced for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards. 

"The  Sony World Photography Awards is the world's biggest photography contest. This year, over 30,000 photos were entered from 186 countries." Here's a selection of some of them- Sony World Photography Awards:: The Shortlist-

              © Minh Ngo Thanh, Vietnam, Shortlist, Open, Arts & Culture, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards will be announced April 21st.  You can see some of the chosen winners here-  World Photography Organization.

                          © KimLee, In Ho, Winner, Korea, National Award, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

These are the top winning photographs from 60 countries, one each- Sony World Photography Awards 2016: The best pictures from 60 countries.

                          Portugal: Adriano Neves – Garden of EdenAdriano Neves/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Stairways From Heaven © Martin Seraphin of Germany, Shortlist, Open Architecture, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

                         Shibasish Saha India Open Architecture 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

Evening mood at Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The picture was taken near Three Peaks refuge, located in the heart of the Dolomiti di Sesto, Italy. © Stefan Achorner, Austria, Nature & Wildlife

               Australia: Scott Portelli – Cuttlefish AggregationScott Portelli/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

         Thailand: Chaiyot Chanyam – Splashing BirdsChaiyot Chanyam/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                        Russia: Andrey Narchuk – Water BabyAndrey Narchuk/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                     Deb Cochrane, 3rd place, Australia, National Award, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

                        Finland: Matti Virtanen – MushroomsMatti Virtanen/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                      Greece: Tasos Anestis – Vesturhorn, IcelandTasos Anestis/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                       Greece: Tasos Anestis – Vesturhorn, IcelandTasos Anestis/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

              Japan: Kei Nomiyama – Enchanted Bamboo ForestKei Nomiyama/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                Latvia: Janis Palulis – Supercell in LatviaJanis Palulis/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

               Ecuador: Victor Vargas – Cotopaxi and Red MoonVictor Vargas/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                           Austria: Stefan Thaler – Winter DreamStefan Thaler/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

               Germany: Daniel Fleischhacker – HinterseeDaniel Fleischhacker/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

A boat carries a group of tourists under a rainbow at Niagara Falls, by Fahad Abdualhameid, Saudi ArabiaFahad Abdualhameid/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

            Thailand: Chaiyot Chanyam – Splashing BirdsChaiyot Chanyam/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

                   India: Abhijit Banerjee – Gangasagar FairAbhijit Banerjee/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Colombia: Yessenia Mildreth Vasquez LûpezYessenia Mildreth Vasquez Lûpez/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

       Argentina: Maria Virginia Mosconi – ConceptualMaria Virginia Mosconi/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

              Kenya: Otieno Nyadimo – Smile at the HyenasOtieno Nyadimo/Sony World Photography Awards 2016

Enjoy The Moment
Revel In The Journey

Keeping Good Thoughts


      In the world today it is often hard to remain filled with good thoughts, but your thoughts can affect your mood and your life and the people around you. Making the constant effort to keep a positive attitude is a challenge, but worth it.

     It's a daily struggle in a difficult world to continually think on good thoughts.  One gets torn to "know" the daily events of this world (and a certain feeling that you are responsible to do so).  Yet with shootings, war, and horrible events that continually happen it's kinda hard to focus on the tragedies of this world and remain upbeat.  Lately the political wranglings and negative hate filled rhetoric also has poisoned the airwaves more than usual.  I find I have repeatedly opted out and given myself a mental break from news- whether it's the paper or the TV (which we unconnected 8 years ago).  And the world hasn't come to an end because I'm not aware of it.

     Yet I do find ways to cheat- to keep a general hand on the general nature of events and as a former International Studies Major I am tempted to delve in more- but for me it is an emotional struggle.  I eternalize all these tragedies and make them my own. I talk with someone and I'm wanting to say- aren't you aware there are suffering people?  And sometimes I get a bit of an attitude thinking- how can they be so blithe and think only, their next meal, what they're going to buy, a holiday??? It's beyond me actually.


      Anyway always striving for a balance I found getting email updates from The New York Times was a quick (unemotional update).  But becoming a hermit Monk is always a temptation.  I'm always asking: does my internal struggle over the pain of this world help anyone?  So the former History Teacher in me tries to keep up- but more and more I retreat into peace.  One day I'll find that balance- to know, yet not continually grieve, or accept not knowing. 

Image result for positive thoughts images

     So the other side of the coin is focusing on the positive.  Knowing there are plenty of Happy situations out there- they just don't feed the media frenzy or the constant thirst among the population to be in the "Know" of all the (bad) things going on.


     So here's some sites that can reinforce your daily struggle to think positive and upbeat thoughts vs. having a cloud over you (I'll update and expand the list over time).